What are the councils up to? May 2022 edition

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play, in case it is of use to others.

link back to March and April 2022’s editions if you want to rummage backwards.

Consultations closing

City of London

  • 17 May’22, Resource Allocation Ctte: has a local implementation plan paper.  The City followed TfL’s instructions and submitted a request for c£900k of works, as in previous years.  TfL can only provided £116k for short-term projects, can’t commit to more before June, but hopes to do more later in the year.
  • 17 May, Planning & Transport:
    • Same LIP paper as above.
  • 31 May, Streets Sub-Ctte – see agenda for lots of papers and appendices.  There dissonance between two sets of Bank junction “All Change At Bank” papers: one set considering and putting aside objections to the last round of traffic orders (restricting access to Threadneedle and Queen Victoria streets) ahead of implementation, the other set being the process to review all the traffic orders and potentially open up Bank junction to taxis and other motorised vehicles.
  • 7 June, Planning & Transport, has the same “All Change At Bank” papers as above.  Plus updates on the City’s transport strategy, with a comparison of traffic volumes Oct 2019 versus Oct 2021.  Due to the pandemic, all volumes including pedestrians were down. Cycling was the least down, and now is a growing proportion of vehicular traffic.

Government / Department for Transport / Professional bodies

Hammersmith & Fulham

Kensington & Chelsea

Lambeth Council

London Assembly / Mayor of London

Merton Council

Richmond Council

Royal Parks

Surrey County Council

Transport for London

  • Closing 12 July, TfL’s consultation on changes to bus routes and frequencies across a lot of London.
  • Closing 29 July, TfL’s consultation on extending the ULEZ zone to the GLA boundaries.
  • 18 May, Programmes & Investments Ctte, lots of papers reflecting on current programmes but little commitment to forward plans due to the budget situation.  The surface asset papers and appendices reflect the “managed decline” scenario e.g. none of the roads achieve currently achieve the “state of good repair” targets and will deteriorate further.
  • 25 May, Crossrail
  • 6 June, Audit & Assurance, financial audit and risk management papers.
  • 8 June, TfL Board, includes finance, commissioner’s and MTS updates. Finances are improving as passengers return, but little progress with DfT on funding package which currently expires on 24 June.  Commissioner’s report has lots of high-fiving for the Elizabeth Line and Bank station projects, and notes that 500 school streets are operating. Another 11 low traffic neighbourhoods are being set up.  The update on the Mayor’s Transport Strategy suggests that the pandemic has affected progress towards the 2030 goals.

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests

Wandsworth Council

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