What are the councils up to? January 2021 edition

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play, in case it is of use to others.

Here’s a link back to December 2020’s round-up if you want to rummage backwards.

Consultations closing

City of London

  • 5 Jan’21: Planning & Transport Ctte, has a progress report on covid-street changes. There have been big falls in pedestrian numbers (near 80%), and motorised traffic (again, near 80%), although cycling numbers have stayed similar to pre-covid levels and have increased on streets with new segregated lanes.  Air quality has improved with the reduction in motorised traffic (NOx down 38%).  There’s a map-based feedback site (link), and the City wants more feedback as comment so far are dominated by naysayers from the taxi trade.
  • 18 Jan, Epping Forest Ctte, the super’s report notes another 8 deer killed on forest roads Oct/Nov in vehicle collisions.
  • 20 Jan, Port Health, has a deep dive on air quality (appendices on agenda). Approx 2/3rds of City satisfied NO2 targets in 2019, and there were further big falls in NO2 during 2020’s lower traffic volumes due to the pandemic.  Beech Street’s ULEZ zone has been a success in terms of improving air quality.  

Croydon Council

  • 4 Jan’21, Traffic Mngt Ctte, moved to 12 Jan, will discuss the Crystal Palace low traffic neighbourhood.  There’s a lot of papers: recommendation to replace the temporary LTN with a formal experimental LTN with some tweaks.  Consultation responses are described as summarising passions rather than being representative of actual locals, especially in terms of age, ethnicity and car ownership.
  • 7 Jan, Scrutiny Ctte, has a call-in review to look (again …) at emission-based car parking charges. Interesting notes in the appendix paper with mode share data for Croydon – cycling is the joint lowest in London, but officers paint the glass-half-full the-only-way-is-up opportunity.
  • 18 Jan, Cabinet, continues to deal with its bankrupt status.  The capital funds paper (with appendix) explains that CIL receipts are at risk (Westfield shopping centre development won’t make progress any time soon), highways works are underfunded, and TfL LIP grants are suspended.
  • 2 Feb, Streets Scrutiny, will have a report on staff changes and other impacts of the council’s bankrupt status.

Government / Department for Transport / Professional bodies

Hammersmith & Fulham

  • 4 Jan, Cabinetfinance report sets out impact of pandemic, with the council losing £11m of parking revenues. The paper later breaks this down – the majority £7m is lost due to fewer penalty charge notices due to lower traffic levels.
  • 20 Jan, full council, has lots of questions (complaints) from residents about low traffic neighbourhoods and Hammersmith Bridge.
  • 1 Feb, Cabinet council tax for 2021/2, and a four year capital programme, with some tart observations about how council tax payers are expecting to carry the cost burden for Hammersmith Bridge.

Kensington & Chelsea

Lambeth Council

London Assembly / Mayor of London

Merton Council

Richmond Council

  • Richmond Council’s response to the Royal Park’s movement strategy (see below, consultation closed 10 Jan).  Lots about collaborating with TRP, but also lots about the roads in Bushy and Richmond Parks being key routes across the borough, and worries about TRP’s parking plans pushing motorists onto nearby residential streets.
  • 14 Jan, Transport & Air Quality, has papers on London’s e-scooter trial, and an e-bike trial with Lime Bike.  For some reason, the proposed parking sites for the two schemes are different, and (to me at least) miss some obvious places like the bridges, some stations and borough boundaries. Parking site maps are in appendices on the agenda.

Sutton Council

Transport for London

  • 14 Jan, TfL published plans to upgrade cycle route CS8 between Wandsworth town centre and Chelsea Bridge (web page, cllr briefing pdf, drawings pdf, overview map pdf).  Similar to the CS7 upgrade through Balham and Tooting: sections of wanded segregation, longer bus lanes, bigger ASL boxes, and double red lines.  Some sections though will remain unprotected.   One detail: cllr briefing says there will be no left turn from Battersea Park Road into Latchmere Road (which will trigger controversy) but that is not shown in the drawings.
  • 19 Jan, press release re re-engineering of Streatham Hill/A23 corridor.  The consultation report was published also on 19 Jan (web page, and pdf report).  Needs more design, and subject to funding (another DfT deal, mayoral election …) might get built in 2022.
  • 20 January, decision in the judicial review brought by London’s taxi drivers against TfL re Bishopsgate and the StreetSpace programme (decision (DOC), BAILII copy of judgement, BAILII copy of submitted evidence, CabVision blog post, statement by taxi’s QCs, statement by taxis’ lawyers).  In early autumn 2020, TfL decided to make sections of A10 Bishopsgate buses and cycles only.  The taxi drivers sought a JR on the grounds this was unfair to the trade, and that the impact on disabled people was discriminatory.   TfL has indicated it will appeal, and that the changes remain in place.
  • 27 Jan, press release highlighting growth in active travel in outer London.  
  • 3 Feb, TfL Board with papers in a 6mb pdf.  Printed page numbers are a nightmare, but the Commissioner’s Report starts on pdf pg 56, and the finance report on pg 81.  The Comm’s report includes updates on safety, healthy streets and operations.  The finance report includes some headline slides on the Financial Stability Plan requested by DfT.

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests

Wandsworth Council

Westminster Council

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