At the council: September 2020

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play, in case it is of use to others. Lots of council meetings were cancelled in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s a link backwards to July & August 2020 if you’re short of stuff to read.

City of London

  • 7 Sept, Resource Allocation has the final version of the City’s climate change strategy for decision (which is also going to every other committee this month) with ctte paper, appendix with the strategy, and action paper.
  • 8 Sept, Planning & Transport, has:
    • climate change papers (above);
    • progress reports on the three phases of Covid-streets (including small amount of inconsequential feedback);
    • progress notes on the road danger reduction strategy;
    • progress reports on the city’s transport strategy – the second appendix sets out plans for 2020/21 but notes the impact of reduced TfL funding.
    • Subsequently published minutes note Aldermen’s support for Covid-streets, climate change and other papers, but also notes that Islington Council and TfL are pausing the Old Street/Clerkenwell Road proposals.

Croydon Council

  • 21 Sept, Cabinet, with finance papers to follow. Papers include update on sustainability strategy, including progress with Covid-streets and related interventions such as low traffic neighbourhoods. Notes that work on Fiveways, Lombard roundabout and other (dangerous) junctions is suspended due to TfL’s financial situation. (In TfL’s board papers last month, TfL said that work on Fiveways was suspended, in part due to finances, and in part due to related developments such as Whitgift regeneration not making progress).
  • 22 Sept, Cycle Forum, will discuss LTNs and Croydon town centre’s cycle network.
  • 7 Oct, Finance ctte, has a Q1 outturn paper which reports the council overspent by £49m in the first quarter, including a £6m loss of parking income (an astonishing figure when compared with central London councils which are projecting £10-12m loss of parking income for the year).

Government / Department for Transport / Professional bodies

Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Kensington & Chelsea Council

Kingston Council

  • 15 Sept, Maldens & Coombe local ctte, has papers on proposed cycle hangers following recent consultation – usual mix of nonsense objections alongside support.
  • 17 Sept, Surbiton local ctte, also with cycle hangers, also with the usual nonsense including claims they hide muggers, presumably shorter than 4ft6.  The whole agenda is dealing with grumpy NIMBYs objecting to bike hangers, yellow lines and EV charging points.

Lambeth Council

London Assembly / Mayor of London

Merton Council

Metropolitan Police / Emergency ServicesFreedom of Information Requests

Richmond Council

Sutton Council

  • 14 Sept, Strategy & Resources, has papers on council’s Covid response (lots of ground covered, but can’t see anything about transport), and the medium-term financial strategy (like most councils, Sutton’s finances are under serious pressure e.g. parking income will be down by £2m).
  • 1 Oct, Enviro & Transport, proposes a draft Sustainable Transport Strategy (huge 29mb PDF doc, with ctte paper ) to go to public consultation.  The doc pulls together lots of stats on existing travel mode shares and related data such as obesity, and opportunities. Sadly, the council continues to pretend that old London Cycle Network routes from the 1990s constitute a network fit for the 2020s – dabs of paint on 30mph red routes no longer cut it.  Also on agenda is a stack of papers relating to the council’s progress against its climate change strategy (ctte paper, see agenda for appendices).

Transport for London

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests

Wandsworth Council

Westminster Council

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