At the Council: March & April 2020

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play, in case it is of use to others. Lots of council meetings were cancelled in response to the corona virus pandemic.

Here’s a link back to Jan & Feb’20  if you’re short of stuff to read.

April 2020

With councils following government advice to socially distance and minimise travel, most committee meetings were cancelled and other business postponed. A few papers were published, though.

City of London

Government / Department for Transport / Professional bodies

Kensington & Chelsea

Lambeth Council

Merton Council

Metropolitan Police

Southwark Council

Surrey County Council

  • 28 April, Cabinet, approved the county’s climate change strategy (check agenda for lots of PDF papers – main doc is 25mb). Lots of good stuff but PDFs are easy whilst delivery is harder.

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests

Wandsworth Council

Westminster Council

March 2020

City of London


Government / Department for Transport / Office for National Statistics

Hammersmith & Fulham

  • 2 March, Cabinet, with petitions for and against the experimental order filtering Harwood Terrace. Decision as to unwind the experimental TO, go back to the previous free-for-all on any roads, and set up a new working party to study a nightmare-of-an-ANPR-camera-whitelist to possibly restrict traffic in the future. Cabinet minutes record that that 9/10 vehicles were from outside H&F.

Kensington & Chelsea

Kingston Council

London Assembly

Merton Council

Metropolitan Police – freedom of information requests

Richmond Council

Royal Parks

  • Seeks feedback by email about the 2nd iteration of its draft movement strategy (web page, and pdf doc). As we’ve seen from Royal Park over the last 20+ years in Richmond Park, it’s softly-softly don’t-upset-motorists while cyclists-are-scourge-to-be-tamed, and thus pissed off a lot of active travel advocates.  Feedback by 25 March.

Sutton Council

Transport for London

  • 5 March, Programmes & Investment Ctte, all papers in a 12mb pdf. Main programmes report starts on pdf pg 35. “High quality” cycling routes are being rebranded as cycleways, with C6/CS6 being the first completed.
  • 5 March, way forward published following the Lambeth North & South consultation from way back in 2017. Construction to replace the roundabouts to start in 2022, ten years after the initial proposal.
  • 10 March, updated consultation report for the Dalston – Lea Bridge cycle route. Some bits good, some not.
  • 11 March Finance Board, 4mb pdf with papers. , 24 June. Capital report (pdf pg 33) notes that Healthy Streets is £16m underspent against budget of £102m for P10 (to 1 Feb’20) – underspend increased by £6m since P8 (see TfL finance reports to Assembly Budget Ctte above). Revised TfL scorecard is proposed on pdf pg91.
  • Tfl Board 18 March with 18mb bundle of papers, has been cancelled as cannot be quorate face-to-face so urgent decisions approved by Chair after consultation. Papers contain some interesting announcements hidden by the work-in-progress updates.  Will Norman was scheduled to publish a Strategic Walking Analysis with related tools on 16 March, now deferred.  TfL to work with LCC members to understand slow traffic lights that slow cycle journeys unnecessarily.  Budget papers and prudential indicators for 2020/21 along with new scorecard.  Plan to add new cycle hire stations along cycleways (e.g. C4 in Southwark) and renew 3700 Santander bikes.  Versus the Dec’18 business plan (“2019 business plan”) streets investment is reduced by £99m, which TfL claims is ‘pragmatic’ given its underspend in 2019/20 on things like Healthy Streets.

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests

Wandsworth Council

Westminster Council

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