At the Council: March 2019

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play, in case it is of use to others.

Here’s a link back to January and February’s 2019 posts, if useful.

March 2019

City of London

  • Port, Health & Enviro Ctte, 5 March, has papers on adding 10 extra public water fountains (bottle filling stations) by August’19, plus a draft of the City’s air quality strategy – 4mb pdf – which (if approved) goes to public consultation this spring. Plus the City’s very supportive response to the Mayor of London’s/TfL’s consultation on direct vision cabs (safer HGVs) which closed in February.
  • Plans (Transport) Sub-Ctte, 6 March, reports feedback from the autumn 2018 consultation on the City’s draft Transport Strategy. Minor tweaks to the strategy – such as bringing the cycle network forward from 2044 to 2035.  Usual objections from the dinosaurs.  Regarding the “Unblock The Embankment” campaign to get rid of cycle route CS3, the City says no.
  • Commons Committee, 11 March – City has responsibility for several open spaces across London, including (chunks of) Epping Forest, and Farthing Downs. In several of the Epping Forest papers, the Superintendents report vehicle vs deer collisions (avg. one killed each week, and 15 killed during Dec/Jan).  Other papers propose introducing car parking charges at Farthings and Riddlesdown, near Croydon (item 19).
  • Policy & Resources Ctte, 14 March, has a paper listing the major events in the City requiring roads to be closed – things like the Marathon, fun runs and Ride London. It notes that the Nocturne cycling event, scheduled for 8 June, is soft as it lacks backers/sponsors.  TfL has approached the City asking for support for a car-free day on 22 Sept – City needs more info.
  • Planning & Transport Ctte, 18 March, latest paper regarding dockless bikes, proposing a trial of new arrangements with Mobike, Lime and other (possible) new entrants. Also references proposed new London-wide bylaws which TfL/boroughs are considering.
  • Projects, 22 March, has the same papers proposing that Beech Street (under the Barbican) be closed to traffic, except peds, ULEV/ buses and cyclists, as went to other committees in February – paper plus appendix. And copies of the commons car parking papers as went to Commons Ctte 11 March above.

Croydon Council

  • Budget Council, 4 March, with lots of number heavy attachments. Enviro & Transport report (1mb pdf) mentions pedestrianisation of the High Street, Sheffield cycle stands and EV charging points.
  • See City of London Commons Ctte, 11 March, above re proposed car parking charges at Farthings and Riddlesdown.
  • Cycle Forum, 19 March, few papers, but agenda includes LIP3, Fiveways Junction scheme, Liveable Neighbourhood bids and the borough’s cycling strategy.
  • Cabinet 25 March, includes (a) parking policy (paper plus appendix), looking to help initiatives on public and active travel, and (b) planning policy/ suburban design (several very heavy pdfs) on policies for housing, and associated transport. Notes too Croydon’s objective for an e-bike scheme, including hubs in the south lumpy bits of the borough like Kenley.
  • Planning Ctte, 27 March – has application from new Coombe Wood secondary school for bigger temporary buildings. Only 2 of the school’s current cycle parking spaces are used, so the number at the proposed bigger site has been reduced from 54 to 40.  Something’s not right about the active travel plan.

Croydon(ish) – Highways England

Kensington & Chelsea


  • Scrutiny Panel, 27 March, considering call-in of the borough’s LIP3 submission. Various groups complaining the submission was incomplete, and the consultation didn’t engage enough people.  Council’s papers largely dismiss these concerns.
  • Kingston local committee, 27 March, includes results of consultation on possible changes to King’s Road. Lots of consultation feedback, and the council officers instead recommend a completely new proposal involving on-pavement parking to ease traffic flow.  Cue unhappy reactions (and here) on social media.


London Assembly

Merton Council

Mitcham Conservators

  • Conservators Meeting 13 March, includes the minutes of the previous meeting on 5 Dec’18, which included discussion of Merton Council’s proposals for upgraded pedestrian crossing in the middle of Mitcham Common at the junction of Croydon Road/ Beddington Lane/ Windmill Road. This junction is where the Croydon Road and Beddington Lane shared-use pedestrian and cycle pavements join, but the current crossing was not tackled in the rebuilding works (Openstreetmap link).  Discussion in December resulted in the Conservators agreeing to the proposals (link to the Dec’18 agenda with the drawings).
    • A further note on this is in Merton Council’s draft LIP3 submission (see Merton above) which is open to public consultation until 12 April. Merton’s cycling proposals mention this junction, describing it as a pedestrian improvement where “cyclists will be expected to dismount”.

Richmond Council

  • Announcement on bike hangers: Richmond Council asking residents for locations where there is interest.
  • Budget meeting, 5 March, which like most has lots of number-heavy papers. The high level capital plan includes top line transport numbers.  Tabled questions has a few about recent 20mph consultation – those from Conservative councillors have the more sceptical tone.
  • Cabinet 14 March, has results of the 20mph consultation (which look same as went to Enviro Ctte last month), plus the highways maintenance plan for 2019/20 (streets getting resurfaced roads & pavements).

Sutton Council

Transport for London

  • Programmes & Investment Ctte 6 March, all papers in a single 16mb pdf: most papers relate to Crossrail and Underground. Re active travel, lots of works-in-progress updates, but no new news.
  • Finance Ctte 11 March, the usual 2019 style with a single 4mb pdf with all the papers.
  • Main board, 27 March, 37mb pdf with all the papers.
    • Commissioner’s report says 116km of quietway routes are “constructed” (pdf’s page 54, foot numbered 48, but we know from FOI answers that “constructed” does not equal “completed”) and all cycle routes will be titled “Cycleways”. Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf crossing likely to go to next consultation phase in April’19 (likely to be a bridge, pdf pg 60). TfL piloting pedestrian priority crossings at 7 sites, including Stratford (pdf pg 61).  Regarding the Sutton Link tram-or-bus proposal, 86% supported it in some way, and a report will be published “soon”.
    • Customer service report: Santander cycles continues to achieve record hires (pdf pg 130), mixed news on cycling numbers overall – central London on (super)cycleways is up due to quality, flat elsewhere (pdf pg 131), TfL-funded cycle training exceeded targets (pg 132) with 22k adults and 23k kids.
    • Finance papers: by 2020, 100km of protected cycling infrastructure will be complete … or “in construction” (pdf pg 254). I think this means the Mayor will fail to deliver his “triple” protected cycle routes objective – he’s already scrabbling together all the little bits from mini-Hollands etc (confirmed – he’s failed, and need to include in-construction km – page 274).  In streets KPIs (pdf pg 270), 188k cycle journeys in central London per day in Q3 (Jul-Sep’18).

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests

Wandsworth Council

  • Consultation: should HGVs be banned from Magdalen Road, route of Quietway Q4?  HGVs are banned (except for access/deliveries) in the grid of streets southwards to Burntwood Lane.  Consultation closes 24 March

Westminster Council




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