At the Council: November & December 2018

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play, in case it is of use to others. Links to this year’s earlier posts:

Local Implementation Plan 3 draft submissions

December 2018

HMG/ Department for Transport

Kensington & Chelsea

London Assembly

Mayor of London – questions

Answers coming through to November questions, e.g.:

Questions listed for 20 December’s MQT – most will get written answers in the new year. Lots of follow-up questions from Assembly Members Russell and Pidgeon to previous answers on cycling schemes.

Merton Council


Metropolitan Police – Freedom of Information requests

Parliament – Transport Committee

Transport for London

Transport for London – Freedom of Information Requests

Wandsworth Council


November 2018

City of London



HMG/ Department for Transport


Hammersmith & Fulham

  • Cabinet on 5 November, has draft LIP3 to go to local consultation later this autumn (ctte paper, main 5mb pdf LIP document). Repeats the statement from September’s draft about cycle superhighways not being for fast commuters, then asks TfL to consider re-routing CS9 via the A4, which only benefit fast commuters.  This draft also includes a new CSH – numbered CS23 – to link Willesden, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith & Fulham.  First reference I’ve seen to CS23, and it doesn’t seem to be a confusion with a quietway scheme.


Kensington & Chelsea

  • Leadership team 13 Nov – has the LIP3 draft – ctte paper and draft document. Consultation from mid-November to mid-Dec. Admits there is no east-west cycle route (“roads are congested” …!). Council will look at TfL’s CS10 cycle route alignment via Holland Park, and focus seems to be on more, but unspecified, quietway routes.





  • Cabinet on 15 October had papers on its transport strategy (ctte paper, strategy) and draft LIP. Richly evidenced and lots of proposals.  (I know there’s scepticism about council’s ability/willingness to deliver, based on previous form).
  • Released a big bundle of consultation reports and decision papers relating to Quietway 5 across Clapham Common, and onwards along Cavendish Road towards Streatham. Looks like a 3m wide shared-use path across the common, with Windmill Drive being denied to through motorised traffic.  The consultation and analysis were in 2017, so everyone’s puzzled why Lambeth Council has taken a year to release them …


London Assembly








Transport for London – board meetings

  • Main board on 21 November, with a 22mb 300 page PDF file with the papers. Includes an overview of the forthcoming Travel in London 11 report (due end Nov/start Dec).  Commissioner’s report repeats the claim that 140km of *new* cycling infrastructure has been delivered since 2016.

Transport for London – consultations

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests


  • There’s a Nine Elms Community Consultation running until 18 November, asking people who live, work and travel in the area what improvements they would like to see.
  • Mayor and TfL answered question from AM Leonie Cooper about when Quietway 4 will be complete. Seems TfL didn’t know that Wandsworth Council dropped zebra crossings in Magdalen Road (and isn’t pleased), and they’re not happy with WBC’s proposed shared-space route across Garratt Lane outside Earlsfield Station – TfL has told WBC to look again at the original proposal via Trewint Street (which WBC dropped because of NIMBY complaints about car parking).
  • Transport Ctte on 13 November: has lots of juicy subjects, but reading the papers, it’s clear that there lots of work-in-progress but not much being achieved.
    • Air quality – council has set up an AQ Project Board (no minutes provided), and has red-amber-greened the action plan (but not provided the RAG status).
    • Wandsworth gyratory replacement – TfL has concerns about the compulsory purchase orders needed to tweak the road layouts. Costs of the scheme are rising, started in mid-£50ms, then £69m in 2017, now £80m+.  WBC will provide max. £27m, and expects TfL (itself short of cash) to make up the rest.
    • Cycling strategy update – strategy itself approved in 2016 – lots of work-in-progress but not much being achieved. Appendix has detail against actions e.g. Priory Lane scheme being redesigned following the Jan’18 consultation (so the scheme was caned in the consultation).
    • 12mb of updates on the local planning policies, running to hundreds of dry pages. Active travel gets tick-in-box mentions (“… encouraging …” etc.) but the existing policies have had little effect;
    • Draft Local Implementation Plan LIP3 submission – ctte paper, draft submission and appendix with (not much) detail of proposed schemes. The last is mostly a list of stuff we know about (like the gyratory replacement), and new ideas will be part of a “future programme” with two phases.  Imagination and effort are in short supply.  Will go to public consultation by end-November, and the final version must be with TfL by mid-February.
    • Periodic progress report, which is less bullish about active travel schemes than previous reports (e.g. summer’s claimed quietways were “completed”). Interesting note about Quietway 21, and the bit that was approved by WBC in Roehampton High Street and Danebury Avenue – discussions with TfL continue about funding, which isn’t a good sign.
    • What’s missing are things like decisions on Priory Lane (north-east of Richmond Park’s Roehampton Gate) where the scheme appears to be being redesigned, and the bike-hanger trial. Next meeting is in February ’19.
  • Planning Ctte 21 Nov, has an application from Roche School (independent primary off the Wandsworth gyratory) to expand. (Plng ctte report).  School’s applications are interesting, as their travel assessments give an insight into mode share for how kids get to school. As at December 2015, the then 328 pupils mainly got to school by active (51%) or public transport (14%), with the remaining 36% by car.
  • Finance Ctte 22 Nov, has a Nine Elms report (and appendix) which notes that the Nine Elms road project is delayed by a year as the eastern section’s design needs to be revised after being slated for poor cycling provision in TfL’s consultation. Separate paper on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payments confirms CIL funds will contribute £101k towards the £237,000 total cost of the Trewint/Summerley Street improvements related (in part) to Quietway Q4.



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