Local Implementation Plan LIP3 drafts/ finals

All London boroughs need to submit draft LIP3 documents during November 2018, to Transport for London.  Following public consultations and feedback from TfL, final submissions need to be made by February 2019.

Here’s the LIP3 drafts I’ve found so far for all 33 London councils (32 boroughs plus the City).

My search-fu has failed for Redbridge, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest, for which I can find nothing about LIP3.

(1 Dec: Updated to include Hackney’s, thanks to a helpful commenter).

(19 Dec: Updated to note that Merton has received a homework extension from  TfL due to several other location consultations in November/ December 2018 [e.g. Sutton Link and various local plans].  See 4 March below).

(6 Feb: I’ll update boroughs below if/when I trip over final LIP3 documents, but don’t expect me to do every borough …)

(4 Mar: Woohoo! Merton Council has published its LIP3 draft – four months later than every other borough in London!.  Public consultation is open until 12 April).

(1 May: belatedly, found links to LIP3s for Redbridge and Tower Hamlets.  This leaves only Waltham Forest as the only borough missing below).

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