At the Council: September & October 2018

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play, in case it is of use to others. Links to this year’s earlier posts:


October 2018


  • Enviro Ctte on 10 Oct, looked at the draft LIP3 submission with a committee paper and draft submission. It’s quaintly old fashioned – with its references to the London Cycle Network, and lacks the evidence-rich detail and detailed proposals that are included in several inner London boroughs’ drafts. Local Tories have campaigned against 20mph zones, and lukewarm support is reflected in draft LIP. (For my notes: decision papers on the Crofton Road quietway scheme, and local newspaper’s report of residents’ opposition).
  • Executive on 17 Oct includes papers to acquire small parcels of land to support quietway cycle and pedestrian space near Orpington Station.

City of London


Department of Transport

  • Summary of responses to the CWIS Safety Review – all the usual good responses (segregated cycle tracks, good design, better driving standards, effective sanctions in the courts etc.) Will be interesting to see what the government actually does.

Hammersmith & Fulham

Highways England

  • 17 Oct, published its first “Cycling and Accessibility Annual Progress Report” (DfT page and pdf link). It includes 7 case studies – 6 are shared-use pavements, the 7th is a 3m wide pavement with “potential for conversion to a cycleway”.   Earlier this summer, HE published plans to widen the A23 south of Croydon through Hooley – this too has a shared-use pavement where “cyclists will need to dismount”.  Highways England isn’t getting this stuff, is it?

Kensington & Chelsea


  • Cabinet on 15 Oct with papers on its transport strategy and draft LIP plan (paper, strategy, LIP document). These cite a rich evidence base to underpin the proposals and demonstrate underpinning to the Mayor’s/TfL’s transport strategy.  Best evidenced LIP documents that I’ve seen from the boroughs I’m interested in.   Strategy and LIP go to consultation this autumn.

London Assembly

London Assembly – Mayoral questions


Metropolitan Police


Transport for London

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests




September 2018

City of London

  • Streets Sub-Ctte on 4 Sept:
    • Bank Safety Scheme – papers on some further project funding, which involves asking DfT to approve changes to the signs to help (numpty) drivers;
    • Tudor Street/ New Bridge Street/ Bridewell Place – which is the route of the North/South CS6 segregated cycle route just north of Blackfriars Bridge. Ongoing story where the City and TfL want to shift the entrance/exit from the courts area with New Bridge St.  However, there’s lots of proposed building works in the area (e.g. new courts complex) and Cadent want to do gas main replacement works in both the Embankment *and* Tudor Street in the next 2-3 years.  Looks like it will be several years before any changes are made
    • One new bit of info in the Tudor Street paper is that the City and TfL are looking at changes south of the courts area – Temple Avenue or Carmelite Avenue – to give motorised vehicles access to the Embankment. This may impact CS3.
    • Collection of papers on the Beech Street proposal (item 5)– largely the tunnel under the Barbican – with analysis of motorised traffic etc. Project aim is to reduce volumes of motorised traffic, improve air quality …
    • Dockless bikes – updated papers because committee members asked at previous meeting whether bikes can be considered obstructions or illegal trading, despite officers saying they had received next to no complaints. Seems a London-wide byelaw is being considered to manage the dockless bike schemes with the 32 boroughs acting together.
  • Same papers on Bank safety and Beech Street go to Policy & Resources Ctte on 6 Sept.
  • Court of Common Council on 13 Sept endorsed the decisions from other transport & planning committees and voted to make the Bank Junction safety scheme permanent.
  • Transport & Planning Ctte on 19 Sept: has drafts of the City’s forthcoming planning policies, with documents on [motorised] vehicles, and walking, cycling & health streets. (Item 4 on agenda). Ctte paper explains the steps to finalise the policies, including a consultation in summer 2019.

Croydon Council

Hammersmith & Fulham

  • Enviro Ctte, 5 Sept:
    • winter road management plan – basically, gritting – policy doc and plan doc. Lots of stuff about classes of roads and footways, but nothing about cycle lanes.
    • Draft LIP strategy for 3 years, 2019/20 to 2021/22 with committee paper, a heavy LIP document, and equality act assessment. The council’s position on cycle route CS9 appears muddled to me: it states that cycle superhighways are not intended for fast, long-distance cyclists then asks TfL to reroute CS9 along the A4 instead of King Street.  Apparently, mixing cyclists with pedestrians in King St will compromise healthy streets objectives, but today’s mix of pedestrians with motorised vehicles is OK.


London Assembly


Surrey County Council (Mole Valley)

Sutton Council

  • Stuff-that-doesn’t-go-anywhere-else ctte on 25 Sept:
    • Lots of papers on the proposed Sutton to Wimbledon tram link, confirming the consultation starts on 16 October and will be run by TfL.
    • Several papers resulting from a planning inspector’s review of the Hackbridge planning policies … seem to be lots of pedantic tweaks, (“insert ‘where appropriate’” …) which will probably create wiggle room for lazy developers.

Transport for London – board meetings

  • Main board on 19 Sept: one 12mb pdf with all the papers.
    • Cycling stuff – with lots of tractor production statistics – start on PDF page 44 (page 18 of the Commissioner’s report). Indicates that 2nd consultation on the Rotherhithe – Canary Wharf crossing will be this autumn.
    • There’s a broader section on Active Travel starting on pdf page 124, with more walking & cycling stats, with some insight into work to entice the “rejectioners”.
    • Pdf page 142 reports that 2018/19Q1 (which is really Jan-March 2018) cycling volumes in the congestion charge zone were up 14.3%. The same stats were provided in July to the London Assembly.

Transport for London – open data

Transport for London – FOI requests


  • Cllr Jon King’s title has changed from Community Services to “Strategic Planning & Transport”, so the scrutiny committee has changed its title too. I expect the committee’s agendas will continue to be dominated by strategic changes to car parking zones.
  • Transport Ctte on 18 Sept – split out from the old Communities Ctte: Nothing on the Priory Lane consultation, so that is kicked forward for at least another month.
    • Petition from residents in Trewint Street (where Quietway 4 crosses the Wandle bridge to join Summerley Street) asking for traffic calming as the 20mph speed limit is routinely ignored. (Update: councillors voted on party lines 5/4 to defer any action for 2 years).
    • Paper on Trinity Road/ Burntwood Lane junction, and problems with delayed traffic esp. buses. Early analysis looking at short/ medium/ long term options, the last of which include widening the junction with land taken from the common and sports ground (mitigation options include narrowing Trinity further north from 6 lanes to 5). Includes description of drivers entering/ exiting the Trinity / Magdalen Road junction as “rat runners” and “aggressive”. Magdalen is the route of Quietway Q4.
    • Paper on Granville Road and the streets south east of Tibbets Corner, which include the route of the Wands – Teddington quietway Q21. Notes that on some roads the rat-running traffic is 49% of volume. Some minor tweaks under experimental orders to try and tame the rat running traffic.
  • 17 Sept, Jon Irwin submitted an FOI asking how Wandsworth Council, as the highways authority, has responded to the coroner’s report following the death of Lucia Ciccioli in 2016.

Westminster Council

  • Westminster LCC spotted that council cabinet reviewed proposals for the Aldwych gyratory in July, which appear to show the south side designated for pedestrians only, and the north side given over to 2-way traffic. The low quality PDF appears to show ASL boxes but no other cycling infrastructure.  Subsequently, Will Norman indicated that there are updated plans.
  • City Management Ctte 20 Sept: highways cabinet member report says that the council won the CS11 judicial review of TfL’s authority, and now seeks further talks. Also, the bike hanger trial was a success and 15 more will be installed.


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