At the Council, April 2018

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play, in case its of use to others.  With London council elections in May 2018, and the purdah period kicking in for April, this quarter should start with a quiet month.

May 2018

City of London

April 2018

City of London

  • Police Ctte on 12 April, has a report from the City Police – notes Section 35 action taken against groups of youths riding bicycles (apparently, that’s anti-social behaviour), and action against a range of commercial vehicles and their drivers. 24% of taxis and PHVs (and/or drivers) are non-compliant, 2/3rd of commercial vehicles (and drivers) stopped are found to be non-compliant, often with multiple offences.
  • Hampstead Heath Consultative Ctte on 16 Aprilminutes of 21st Feb mtg confirm that any proposals for new cycle paths (or shared use paths) won’t be considered before 2023/24. Existing shared use paths may be resurfaced (super’s report, and appendix).
  • Police Performance Ctte on 26 April: Reflects on March’s crime figures (performance report), Monday is the worst day for bicycle thefts, and most 50% of bicycle thefts are between 1600-2000 across weekdays. There’s KSI stats in the report too, plus justification of the Section 35 notices used to disperse groups of kids riding bicycles in the City during March.

Kingston Council

Merton Council

Metropolitan Police – Freedom of Information Requests

Transport for London – Freedom of Information requests

Westminster Council




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