At the Council, April & May 2017

An aide memoire of items I’ve noted from the boroughs where I work, rest and play.  This page will be updated, if I remember, during Q2.

January to March items are here.

May 2017

Things quietened down as general election purdah kicked in.

London Assembly

  • Next Transport Ctte scheduled for 14 June

Kensington & Chelsea

  • Public Realm Scrutiny Ctte on 8 May: Transport report outlines timetable for adoption of the Local Plan by the council (December ’17), and an update on the local quietway implementation.  Apparently, RBKC is proud they can build quietways without “major changes to road layouts”.



  • Planning Ctte on 25 May: the enforcement report details how a householder in Craven Gardens, Wimbledon, has been forced to remove a small bike shed from their front garden.  The planning files suggest that it was due to a very officious council officer and a NIMBY neighbour.  Oddly, none of the enforcement reports for the previous 12 months have any reference to this case.

City of London



  • Transport Ctte, 8 May: transport update reports that 20mph has been implemented around 30 schools, and complaints about pedicabs. The business update includes report on the Baker Street 2-way project, saying that 200 responses were received to the consultation on traffic orders, with a report being prepared.



April 2017

London Assembly

Kensington & Chelsea

  • Full Council on 26 April, with a focus on the “Local Plan” i.e. the strategic policies which will guide RBKC in the coming 5 years. There’s lots in the PDF papers (running to hundreds of page), with a strong focus on transport and development.
    • This is the updated proposal, following a consultation conducted during Autumn 2016.
    • There’s nothing to suggest RBKC will change its stance radically on active travel. Responses to consultation comments suggest there are no further developments on local quietways.
    • The usual NIMBYs made their complaints (e.g. Onslow Square) with the council officer dismissing them politely.
  • Cabinet meeting on 27 April. The Transport report is mainly a blur of budget numbers.  It does note that the Cycle Grid has been funded to the tune of £2.2m by TfL.




Merton Council

  • Full Council on 12 April. Items of interest include:
    • Public questions included one asking about the proposed diesel levy for residents owning cars in Controlled Parking Zones. Reply: council is using its powers to try and improve air quality.
    • Councillors’ strategic questions (page numbered 19) asks how many electric charging points are there for electric cars. Answer: 19, with ongoing work with TfL to install electric taxi charging points;
    • Page numbered 20 included the obligatory question from a councillor (in this case, Conservative) complaining about “speeding” cyclists and motorcyclists, allegedly using the path along the River Wandle south of Plough Lane. This is the route of cycling Quietway 4.
    • Page numbered 23 has a question about “measures to encourage cycling”. Answer: work with Sustrans on quietways, plus training for kids and adults.
    • Lots of interesting detail in the Committee Report on Sustainable Travel. There’s lots in the 12 pages, but snippets include:
      • Update on the Mitcham Common / Croydon Road “shared use path”;
      • Proposed new quietway routes:
        • New Malden to Wimbledon – working with Kingston Council;
        • Clapham Common to Wimbledon – this being TfL’s Quietway 4. Merton aims to complete its part along the River Wandle by May 2017;
        • Colliers Wood to Sutton via Morden – looks like it uses NCN20 through Morden Hall Park to Morden, then recycles existing paths and some quiet streets;
        • Colliers Wood to Wimbledon Chase – looks like it reuses the High Path route into the Merton park area;
      • Early work on a cycle hire scheme, and a cycle share scheme too.
      • Census data, 2011, suggests 3.7% of Merton’s folk cycle to work.


Wandsworth Council



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