Bromley Council improves bus journeys past Aldi, by making it easier for motorists to go shopping

Bromley Council has approved a plan to spend £300k of the borough’s Local Implementation Plan (LIP) fund and Transport for London Bus congestion reduction funding to improve journeys past an Aldi supermarket east of Croydon.

Motorists driving to Aldi from west to east along the A213 Croydon Road, and across the junction of Elmers End Road / Anerley Road, need to turn right into Aldi.  As they queue up, waiting for the yellow box outside Aldi to clear of moving traffic, they’re holding up buses and other traffic coming from Croydon.  So, Bromley Council’s plan is to widen Croydon Road outside Aldi from 3 to 4 lanes.  This requires narrowing the pavements.



Why is it so expensive?  There’s a big underground chamber belonging to British Telecom, and shifting that (or at least the access to it) won’t be cheap.

Bromley Council is applying to TfL for funding from the Bus Priority Programme to pay for the works.  If unsuccessful, Bromley will take £300k from the “2017/18 LIP funding for congestion relief which is currently estimated to be £907k“.  So, one third of the budget on one junction.

There is no suggestion in the papers that Aldi will be asked to contribute anything towards the costs associated with improving road conditions outside their supermarket.


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